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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 10:00pm


Laurenpbird's picture

It would be a humbling honor to be in attendance as a seat filler at the 60th Grammy Awards January 28, 2018 in Manhattan. I’m currently located in NJ, a short train ride away. I’ve always been a immeasurable fan of music, artists and lyrics. Music has encompassed a phenomenal part of my life that I absolutely love. I do have television production / audience expierence & hope to be included in your event as well. Thank you in advance for your time.

I would really appreciate if there was a chance to go to the Oscars, thank you!

TineoJ__'s picture

I just want to surround myself with successful individuals and network, it would be dope to meet some of the people I’ve looked up to since I was a kid.

kdlucas1's picture

My wife and I will be in LA for the Oscars. We were selected to sit in the bleachers and we are looking to get in to the awards. We would love to be seat fillers!

Hiroki Baba's picture

We, three of Japanese tourists would love to attend this award because we think this year's 90th Oscar will be extraordinary! because of Time's Up movement!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

DivaDynacad_34's picture

Tell me where to go and I'm there! I'm in the Atlanta, GA area.

Alanitaylor's picture

Hi. I am interested in the seat filler for the Oscars if any are available. Also I am free for any award seat fillers opportunities. Thank you

Lucy Anello's picture

seat filler

Lucy Anello's picture

standby seat filler...

Lottie Corley's picture

I would like to be a seat filler for award shows.
How do I sign up. I registered. But have no idea how to contact you. Is there a form? Or do you contact me? I do have experience in that environment. Was a guest at the SAG awards a few years ago. And also have some seat filling experience. Please contact me. Kindest Regards, Lottie Corley

Lottie Corley's picture

I would like to attend any award shows. Especially if they are in NY. I live in NC and it would be close for me. Thanks!!!!

My girlfriend and I want have a memorable and fantastic experience in LA. Attending 90th Oscar awards is the best choice.I would like to be a seat filler for this shows.

Me and my hubby would like to be seatfillers for the 90th Oscars on March 4, 2018, it will be the highlight of our 3 days tour.

My goal for the past three years of my life have been to attend either a movie premiere or the Oscars. Although I know the chances are slim I would greatly appreciate the chance to be a seat filler and watch all of my favorite actors at the Oscars. If you take my wishes into account I would greatly appreciate it and just know that you would be giving me a once in a life time opportunity.

Just to let you know I live in the greater Los Angeles area so if I am chosen my attendance will not be a problem.

I would love ❤️ to attend the Grammy awards in New York this year. I’ve been through so much and I would love to see myself there to bring me an uplifting story to add to this chapter in my life so far.

Nosullivan212's picture

Hi my name is Natasha, any shows that occur in NYC I would love to be a seat filler for. Thank you!

Clarasotobaumann1's picture

I would like to be a seat filler for the 90th oscars, if i have the opportunity send an email

Clarasotobaumann1's picture

I have already seen every movie nominated for this years best movie because i am a huge fan of movies and my dream is to became an actress and attend the oscars, so this will be an amazing opportunity. I would really enjoy to go as a seat filler. I have brown hair and blue eyes, and no tattoos or pierciengs. Please contact me

Sarjarbinx17's picture

Hello, I would love to be a seat filler for the Oscars in March. My dad is a member of the Academy, and encouraged me to apply.


Elgrisio01's picture

this year will be able to go to the PREMIOS LO NUESTRO? Feb 22

JonDaZh's picture

If any New Events That come up I’d love to be a seat filler. Great way to network

Kmellow4yellow's picture

I would love to be on the list to be a seat filler for the 90th Oscars ceremony. Is there a way to get on this list? Thank you

I would like to attend Premios lo nuestro 2018 like others year that I went

Hello my name is Melvin Armstrong Jr i would like to get 2 seats to the oscars

dougs's picture

My wife and I (she is in the photo with me) would LOVE to help you in any way with the Oscars! I am an award-winning writer, and she is a beauty who formerly performed with the Blue Man group in Boston! Let us know asap!

Furniturejg's picture

Raised in LA. Mom never misses an Oscars show would love to attend. Just starting here and hoping I can figure out how to get my beautiful mother to the show. We will be dressed to impress and look forward to getting some selfies and making a great memory.

How do you attend?

Sharon1989's picture

Hi I am new to seat filler and was hoping maybe if I could get a seat st the Oscars this year it’s been my dream for forever

Jack-2's picture

I would love to attend. I need 3 tickets

Jrubino12's picture

Hello my name is Jacqueline and I would love to be a seat filler. I think it would be awesome and super exciting to be able to attend an award show.

sweiss13's picture

Hi! I would love to fill at seat at any upcoming event. Please keep me in mind!!!

NormaBoilk's picture

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