Questions answered.

 What do I need to do to become a Seatfiller?

  1. You need to sign up with SEATFILLER.COM so that you can apply online for a listed show.
  2. You need to send in a resume, photo (does not have to be professional) and a cover letter telling us why you want to be a seatfiller.  (send to: )
  3. You should sign up for LISTBOT service so that you will get an e-mail when new shows are opened up.
  4. Be patient.

What should I include in my resume, cover letter and photo?

  1. Your resume should include where you live, where your work/go to school and your goals and objectives. For more info go to .
  2. Your cover letter needs to introduce yourself to us and explain why you want to be a Seatfiller.
  3. Your Picture just needs to give us an idea of what you look like and your body shape.

Once I send my materials in, will I be contacted?

        No! You must sign up on the  LISTBOT to get our e-mail or check the open shows on this web site.

How soon will it be before I find out if I am selected?

        Most of the time you will not be notified until a couple days before the shows because we are waiting on parking, etc., Please do not keep calling or e-mailing as to when you will find out.

How can I get my friends to go with me?

      We prefer your friends register themselves, we do not allow you to switch names once you or a guest are accepted. You are not allowed to substitute one guest for the other.

Should I get there really early to get a good spot?

      Do not arrive at a show more than 1 hour before the call time...Seatfilling is a game of musical chairs it will not make a difference if you are first in line or seventy seventh in line. It is all luck, no one knows what seat will open up. There is no need to be there more than a hour before the call time.

How come you don't notify us sooner if we are accepted?

      We cannot notify you earlier. We are often not given locations, times and other specifics until 2 or 3 days before the show. If you sign up, you are promising to show up (with all of your guests). Even if you are coming out of town and want to make travel arrangements, we cannot give you any prior notice.

I got my conformation letter and now I am guaranteed to get in right?

      We do not guarantee Admittance. We have no why of knowing how many ticket holder are going to show up. If you want a guarantee, buy a ticket.

How can I just be a Crew Member or Talent Escort?

    All of our Talent escorts and Crew Members are chosen from Seatfillers, the more shows you attend, the better chance you have of being promoted to those positions.

I want my odds of getting in to be better, what happens if I just register under more than one e-mail. Or if I have my friends put me down as a guest and I will do the same?

   Do not register yourself with more than once. You will be eliminated from being accepted for that show. We have computers, remember.

Can I just bring a guest if I want?

     Do not bring a guest unless your letter states you may. Your guest (if not on our list) will be set in our stand by line, if there is enough space once all of our Seatfillers get in, then we will pull from the standby line.

Can I talk with the celebrities ?

    Do not speak to talent unless they speak to you. Approaching the talent could cause for removal from the theater.



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